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  1. ez rolla bro so sorry i didnt get back to you i just been so busy man i can send them over again
  2. hey bro do me a favour i have deleted your old tunes send me the ones you would like me to do ok mate here is my email send them direct
  3. Ez bro there was a bit of confusion about the free songs but you can still use drop the phone as i made that for the purpose of houseflyrecords and born to rock if thats cool with you let me know

  4. ez rolla its good to be part of the houseflyrecords in the near future big up
  5. Safe Rolla im glad you like the track i have others if you need more, the new track you done is wicked bro thanks for the link peace
  6. hey bro i just listend to your track you submitted to our record label house fly records its a wicked track bro you have some skill. your through to the next stage. and what we are looking for is a 4 track ep demo and what happens is all 4 tunes will be ripped to shreds with our ears lol. and then once all demo ep's have been listen'd to the winner's of the four genre categories will be announced. but any hows hope to hear form you soon. i have a new track called ( sub killer) its a dark hard dnb tune check it out when you get time ok mate here is the link

    keep it real bro
  7. so you noticed my ep on some sites everything is going good at the moment i am working on a full album which will be released soon so watch this space i am also doing a rave event in the next 5 months i have my own record label called house fly records just started it up. where else can i go with my music future i just did another tune that will be released on my new album check it out its a killer tune
  8. big up m8 hows it going i see you got your name changed in the end nice nice i just come across this link of yours lol wicked
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