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  1. the encoder details dont work wots going on???
  2. Holla me asap mate... radio's offline
  3. u here dude?
  4. see u in chat 10 mins before the show... the encoders are checked n double checked
    just hope the kick button is active for when its time ;)
    will msg u just before as well!
  5. Have a look at this it will help others in the future too
  6. no rush.. sent the shots of simplecast anyway ;)
  7. I'll post it back to you with details included

  8. this is the page that needs the details ;)
    its a bit different to shoutcast but works just as well
  9. lol.. na bruv im an ex dub plates mc tho ;)
  10. cool ill check it out new mix, you should get hooked up i thought you was a guest dj
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