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About Us

Dubplates Radio was formed in December 2003 we did not launch the official site until January 2005 by this time we had already established a line up of top DJ's from around the world playing some of the hottest unsigned material on the net.(Dub-plates, Promos, White Labels, Test Pressings and some exclusive one off track's)

We offer new talent a chance to showcase there production and DJ skills also feature and promote there own music live from there own homes clubs or venues anywhere in the world.

Genres Featured

Drum and bass, Jungle, Dubstep, UK Garage, Bassline, Grime, Nu Skool Breaks, Hip Hop.

Exclusive Dubplates Online Shop
Dubplates mp3 store is now open offering you some very exclusive music

Our featured artists and producers have years of recording experience so you can be assured our mp3s will reach you in the finest quality all mp3s are 100% I pod compatible and will work in any mp3 playing device, and of course you can compile your own audio CD to play these tracks.

Thank you

We would like to thank all the supporters, artists, DJ and promoters for all there support and effort representing the underground music scene bringing you the listeners a experience you will not forget.

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