JB Thomas aka DJ Sharted USA Breakbeat Producer/Remixer/DJ

Co-Owner and Operator at Monkey Tennis Group
Creative Consultant at The Breakbeat Show (96.9 allFM)
Breaker Mechanic at Get Funk'd
Co-founder at The Grand Slam Crew
Graphic Artist at JB Thomas Digital Design
Graphic Artist at Beyond Four Walls Artist Collective
Beat Breaker & VP of FL Chapter at 1200 Hustle
Macaroni Historian at Soundforcedj's.com
Music Production at Ravesta Records
Music Production at The House Movement
Slip-mat at The Lost Art
Breaks Manager - Partner - Art Director at Monkey tennis group
Lives in St. Pete Beach, Florida
From Buffalo, New York

Pertinent links:
GRFX: www.facebook.com/JBTDD
JB: www.facebook.com/DjSharted
MTG: www.facebook.com/monkeytennisgroup
MTG: https://soundcloud.com/mtgdjsc
Get Funk'd!: www.facebook.com/GettFunkDD
GSC: www.facebook.com/thegrandslamcrew/
1.2kH!: www.facebook.com/groups/1200HustleMob/
JB: https://soundcloud.com/shart-alec
JB: https://www.mixcloud.com/jbthomas1973/
JB: https://hearthis.at/jbthomas1973/