Did you know you can play TF2 with a XBOX or PS3 controller, this is not a default option so you will need to enable this in the developer console, just type exec 360controller. Now you XBOX joypad will work in Team Fortress 2. See this for more detailed options and more info http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Xbox_360_controls

Setting up the Xbox 360 controller on a PC

Controller options are included in the Options menu, but by default they are not fully enabled and need to be entered manually in a similar manner to setting up other keyboard and mouse settings. Team Fortress 2 does includes full control coding and "Heads Up Display" settings for the Xbox 360 controller, although they need to be manually activated through the console:
To fully activate the Xbox 360 controller in-game and to use the Xbox HUD, open the console, and enter:
exec 360controller.
To turn off full controller functions and remove the HUD, open the console again, and enter:
exec undo360controller.
Your mouse and keyboard will continue to work while the controller is enabled, but the Xbox specific "Heads Up Display" will continue to be shown.
If you have it activated, Steam cloud will automatically save your game settings, so deactivate the Xbox 360 controller code before exiting the game if you do not wish to continue to use it.