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Thread: The PS4 Destroys The Xbox 1 on every level

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    Default The PS4 Destroys The Xbox 1 on every level

    Fact PS4 is so much better than the Xbox one!! Why?

    Looks Better and has a built in PSU
    Performs Better Has a better GPU
    Hardware is Better Processor is more powerful
    The controller is made of higher quality materials
    Does not need to have a brick connected to the wall as a power source

    And we have

    Uncharted 4
    The Last Of Us
    Little Big Planet
    Drive Club
    God Of War
    The Playroom

    There are lots more but need i say anymore?
    Glitching Playstation Home

    Check out my youtube page for more glitches in playstation home

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    Each to their own both of very popular it depends on what exclusive games you like the most i guess

    Can i help you with anything? PM me I'm always around to help out fellow dubplate members

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    Playstation has always beat Xbox hands down

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