Watson is a Dubstep DJ/Producer from Croydon London and is also one half of Futurism Recordings, and is a recent addition to Dubplates Radio.....

Watson has a show every two weeks along side the other half of Futurism Recordins - DJ Deadly...
You can catch the Futurism Show every 2 weeks! Keep an eye out on the forums and on the Myspace for the exact dates! www.myspace.com/futurismrecordings & www.myspace.com/watsonfuturism

Watson has apeared on Mixing Radio, Breaks FM & Recently both Watson & Deadly were on N-Types Rinse FM show.

If you want to hear more from Futurism Recordings then check out the following pages!


You can also keep in touch with the latest from Futurism by emailing Futurism at futurismrecordings@gmail.com and you can be added to the mailing list.