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Jason Duffield (AddisonDj) from Detroit, Michigan USA / I was introduced to the Detroit rave scene, electronic music and most importantly Drum & Bass in 1997 by some friends who were already pretty big in the Detroit rave scene. I was instantly drawn to and fell in love with Dnb. I started attending Detroit parties regularly from then on. I would go to small shops in Ann Arbor on a regular basis and buy up all the loose cassettes from UK DnB party tape packs such as Telepathy, Fantasia, Helter Skelter, Slammin Vinyl, One Nation and so on. I would listen to them religiously falling in love with the music and especially dj's such as Nicky Blackmarket, Dj Hype, Randall, Brockie, Andy C , Marky , Dj Rap, Mickey Finn , Aphrodite, Ellis Dee and so on. As well as the colorful sounds of the massive Mc's at the time Stevie Hyper D, Det, Bassman, Skibbadee, Shabba D etc... I was instantly hooked!! I continued to rave and follow dnb (especially with the advent of internet sites like DnB Arena making full sets and archives as well as forums easily accessible to us here in the states) ever since. Every now and then I would play around with some friends decks but never took it too seriously (as bad as I wanted too I just couldnt afford my own setup) Then finally I saved up and bought my first Technics 1210's as well as a Pioneer DJM600 just a couple years ago and have never looked back. Mixing DnB is my true passion in life and nothing brings me more enjoyment than standing behind the decks and rinsing out the freshest sounds in drum and bass so I hope you enjoy! Thank You! AddisonDj
DJ Addison