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SikRik is a DJ & Producer From Nottingham who produces tracks of all genres such as Dubstep, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass and Garage.

"SikRik", real name Rick Clarkson-Walker has always had a keen interest in music since an early age.

During his early years at comprehensive school he was heavily influenced by rock bands such as "Guns & Roses", "Nirvana", "Metallica", "The Offspring" and "Rage Against The Machine" .
Around the same time Rick went to a mates house sometimes after school to play playstation and they would spend hours on it.
One day his mates older brother invited them to hang out with him and his mates in his room. His mates brother had a pair of Technics 1210's which Rick was fascinated with and was allowed to have a go at mixing.

Rick got his first pair of turntables for christmas at the age of 13 years old.
The turntables were built into a case along with the mixer and were very basic, so basic that there were no crossfader or EQ controls on the mixer and not even a pitch control on each of the turntables. Rick didn't try to mix a certain genre of music, he would buy allsorts of vinyl such as Hip Hop, Trance, Drum & Bass and House and would TRY to mix it all.
Rick realised that if he didn't ditch his current set up and buy some turntables with pitch control's and a half decent mixer, he was pretty much pissing in the wind.

Rick sold the "coffin" set up and got some budget belt driven turntables with a half decent mixer, at this point he was being influenced mainly by Hip Hop and would listen to artist's such as "2Pac", "Biggie", "Onyx", "Wu-Tang Clan" & "Busta Rhymes".
It soon made Rick make the decision that he wanted to make hip hop his main genre for his mixing hobby and would constantly buy Hip Hop records and listen to the "Tim Westwood" show.
Rick started to write lyrics and would make his own tracks on a playstation game called "Music 2000" and used to have his mates around to practice rapping over his Hip Hop instrumental records.
This is where he adopted the name "SikRik" as he would try to write the most disgusting lyrics he could think of just for shock value.

A couple of years after Rick left school he enrolled at college to study music technology and recording where he learnt how to use "Logic" and eventually obtained a copy himself and continued to make his own tracks on this instead.
He got his first taste of performing live at local raves, where he would be the first act on to warn up the system and he would perform his hip hop routine and once got the chance to support "Tinie Tempah".

After a while Rick started to focus more on his DJing again as he had a keen interest in the UK Garage scene (The Bassline movement especially ) and started to buy a lot more vinyl again.
He started to play at regular small event's in the Hockley area of Nottingham spinning Bassline, 4X4 and Old School Garage which is where he met "Bush" and they decided to set up their own event.

This is where "CAPICHE" was born and they played Electronic Dance Music, Such as Drum & Bass, Bassline, 4x4, Electro and Dubstep which has been running for nearly 3 years now. As the Dubstep scene grew and grew so did Rick's love for the genre and he was fully converted to dubstep when he heard Magnetic Man's "Alright" and Benga & Coki's "Night".

Ever since then Rick has still been spinning Dubstep as well as producing it and has supported acts such as "DJ Captain Crunch", "Stig Of The Dump" and "DJ Tyke".

You can catch him playing every month at "CAPICHE" @ Image, Nottingham, every tuesday 9pm-11pm on and every wednesday 9pm-12am on the "CAPICHE" Usteam Channel.



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