MILENA has been DJing since the tender age of 15, now at 28 she has masses of gigs under her belt and made some real influences in the UK underground music scene. Starting out with Drum & Bass and growing up in the Midlands, jumping the train and sneaking away to London D&B nights with her MC friends was a regular occurrence! She soon got into Hardhouse though a dirty mixtape stolen from her brother who was studying in Middlesbrough and started playing out in clubs with residencies in Birmingham, Leicester and Northants, even running a night in Northampton called Deception which saw the likes of Paul Glazby make his debut in the town. Northern Hardhouse was especially known for its raw, dirty, bouncy beats and she was pushing it, while the world went funky!
While at university in funky town Maidstone in Kent, Milena worked in Kent's most popular record shop, then called Plastic Surgery Records and brought a HUGE part of Northern hardhouse down to Kent through various distribution deals. Huge gigs followed in Kent which include Club Class with Nick Fanciulli, Clublife in Lydd and other smaller underground dirty raves!
After a lone move to North London university to peruse her video studies, she had no friends to go out raving with and slowly got into more conservative music like breaks. She quickly started playing out in Brick Lane and South London's Inigo as her DJ talent shone through any genre! Her style developed as her friends Stupid Fresh started sending her their unreleased beats and Fidget house became a huge part of her sets! MILENA happily opened up to dubstep and her sets became a medley of music which all had the same quality - to make you move and skank the fuck out!! She has since played alongside MJ Cole, Blakey (DMC), Atomic Hooligan, Rennie Pilgrem, Anile (Renegade Hardware) to name a few!
She is best known for running a popular night in Brixton called NOISE which has seen the likes of Kanji Kinetic, Stupid Fresh, Gella, Pixel Fist and Jeuce! Bringing back the mixtapes she used to sell in the record shop by recording all the gigs live!
With a comfortable reign and a dabble in production, this DJ, a favourite of many, will not be budging off the circuits any time soon!
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