going out to the crew, feelin inspired by the dubplates rollin beats.

out to sharki & all been away a while but ill try to check back more often.

anyhow heres a reggae mix 4 ya. 21 original 7" vinyl cuts - tracklist to follow.

1 Tenor Saw Signs
2 Admiral Tibet Road Block
3 B. Levy Teach the Youth
4 Wayne Smith Under me Sleng Teng
5 Nitty Gritty We Run Tings
6 Admiral Tibet Informer
7 Tenor Saw Ring The Alarm
8 B. Levy Two Sounds
9 Frankie Paul Pass the Tu-Sheng-Peng
10 B. Levy Under me Sensi
11 Max Romeo Chase the Devil
12 Captain Barkey Day is Good
13 Dawna Lee Are you Ready Shore
14 Luciano No More War
15 Rachet He Gave us His Life
16 Pinchers Bandelaro
17 Admiral Tibet Serious Time
18 Alpha Rowen Take a Look into your Life
19 Jimmy Cliff Beautiful World Beautiful People
20 Bob Marley Buffalo Soldier
21 Big Youth 3 Blind Mice