MAG: After 1 week of playing this game what can i say its the best FPS i have ever played, how did i miss out on this game for so long? Its been out now for over a year and the servers are still packed with players and clans its awesome with its 256 players now this is what i call a war game.


MAG wins hands down this game is about team work, skill and communication check it out if you're serious about gaming and FPS its a must for any collection.
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If you think you've seen all that online shooters have to offer you haven't experienced MAG. Instead of just a dozen or so people in small scale confrontations this battlefield is filled with 256 other players, all working together in their own 8-man squads.

MAG is short for "Massive Action Game"
Take to the skies in helicopters and jets or sit back and call in the airstrikes
Being a team player is the best way to get ahead in MAG
Winning the war means taking control of key areas on the huge battlefield maps
Although you can play the game as a standard first person shooter working together with your teammates is the only way to succeed, with each squad pursuing different tactics and objects - from directing air strikes, to taking part in parachute drops and overrunning enemy gun emplacements.

As you gain more experience in the game your character's abilities and weapons will improve and evolve, with the best players earning the right to command more and more people and take a greater strategic role in the wider conflict. This is all out virtual war on a scale that has never been possible before on a home console.

Key Features
256 reasons: The largest scale online shooter ever seen on a console, with 256 people playing across maps in gigantic mile-wide levels.
Brothers in arms: Become the leader of your own squad of 8 players, then work your way up to platoon and company commander as you gain more and more control of the battlefield.
Veteran soldier: Earn experience in battle (and by following orders) and upgrade your character, your weapons and your ability to call in airstrikes and artillery.
Top gun: Take command of a range of different vehicles, including tanks, armoured personnel carriers and aircraft.
The big three: Join one of three factions, from the U.S. army style Valor group to the more unorthodox S.V.E.R and the futuristic Raven team.
About the Developer: Zipper Interactive
Many developers have their own specialities and Zipper's is definitely tactical shoot 'em-ups. The Washington-based studio has been responsible for almost all the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs games and is currently working on the 256-player MAG. They were acquired by Sony in 2006.

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Difficult, Frustrating and Challenging - It's Great!!, 4 Feb 2010
By Sir Taxedalot "Mature Gamer" (Sheffield)
This review is from: MAG (PS3) (Video Game)
MAG is a very challenging game for us oldies. As you can imagine a 128 a side game makes the life expectancy of a rookie very short just as in real life. I think that's the attraction for me. It's much more realistic than any other shoot 'em up games. COD has become almost a fantasy game made easy for the user. This is hard. It takes a lot to level up and the weapons start off very weak. Upgrades are hard to earn. Snipers are everywhere and, just as in real life, there is no kill cam and friendly fire is off. At the start you join one of three armies and play all your games for them. More realism. Once you get into the big game with 255 other players it's just mayhem. Your team of 8, along with 3 other teams, is given an objective to attack or defend within the big war. It is, effectively, a 32 a side game of Demolition. Once you have achieved your objective the game isn't over because you are given another one as you would be in real life. Experienced players in the game get to make those decisions but I haven't got up to that level yet and I'm not sure how it works. It's Great Fun!!

This is a new concept in gaming, online only, and definitely the way forward. 256 players crammed on to one map is certainly different for me. The game is modelled along the lines of that PC gamers favourite - Battlefield. Bringing hardcore gaming to the PS3 is a stroke of genius. This is a much more mature and sophisticated game than COD. It takes longer to get into.

The down side is that the servers can be difficult to connect to and stay connected. It looks like they may be having some issues there. As I write this the whole game is unavailable. The respawning is slow and then you have a 20 second run back to the action. When you are being sniped as soon as you get back in the game it does get frustrating going back and starting again. There are a limited number of maps and you do find yourself doing the same operation over and over which can be dull when defending against teams that aren't very good. It can take time to load all 256 players into the game. But once you're in the game it can last 30 minutes so your evening soon disappears.

I recommend this for anyone looking for a more interesting and challenging game than COD but you do need time on your hands to get into it. Be prepared to be frustrated before enlightenment.

If you play MAG already and your on PSN then add me HOME--KING mention this website or i might not add you as i get so many random requests.

Long Live S.V.E.R