Copy your contacts or move them from your Iphone to Android or PC
I have just moved from iphone to android while i wait for the new iphone 5 to be released in october, Apple have made it hard work to move your contacts using itunes! After trying for a few hours i found this great app that makes it a easy work.
So first download this app My Contacts Backup Free, install then run the app click back up contacts and email them to your own email address. For android email them to your gmail or google mail account from there you can download the .VCF file to be used. For google mail it will give you the option to import to you gmail contacts list. do that then from your android phone you can sync contacts from gmail to your android device. This should take no more than 3 minuets to complete its that simple.... This video will just show you how the app works only
Export your iphone contacts to PC or Android