hi all i will be playing every sunday from 1:00 pm to 3:00pm giving you a selection of some of the best organ, vocal basslines, uk garage and 4X4.

where do i start well i started messing about with a set of belt drive KAMS about 7 years ago, as i just loved the bassline scene here in leeds and thought why buy the mix cds if ya can make your own, well to my dissapointment i soon realised that belt drive dex just wern't the way to go (WHAT A LOAD OF C**P) so i decided to go with some cheep gemini xls witch were a hell of a lot better and eventually with a little practice i ended up pulling some pretty good mixes out, then i started meeting other DJs around leeds such as Buzzby,Titch, Robbo, Wayne H, the list goes on.... and we all used to meet up on a weekend get absolutly ****-faced and have a good old knees up lol.

then after about 2 to 3 years (not sure when i have a memory problem must be all the good living HU HUM) Buzzby decided to run his own radio station (LOCOSFM.COM). i used to have a couple of 2 hour sets on the site every week and enjoyed every minute of it but this didn't last as about a year later the admin (no offence lads lol) just simply lost intrest in the site so it was took off air.


so wish me look and get locked every sunday