Q: When will I receive the songs?

A: After you checkout out on PayPal you will see a link to return to the merchant (our site) and then you will be asked input your email, after that you will see the download link. You will also receive a download link to your Paypal email address.

Q: Will this work on my Android or Apple phone?

A: Yes it will download the Zip file which you can extract in your downloads/files folder.

Q: Why is the song in a ZIP file?

A: This is the most convenient way to send files quickly over the internet just click on the Zip and it will unpack the MP3 Song. 

Q: What quality are the songs recorded in?

A: The songs have been produced in professional studios in London England and have been converted to 320k MP3 format.

Q: Are the songs Royalty Free? 

A: Some songs will be Royalty Free and if so it will be stated in the description otherwise they are not.

If you have any other questions please contact us here